Larry Green

Walking the Gorge

  • My interest in railroads began at an early age. As a young child I sat in the window seat of my Granddad's house in Manitou Springs and watched the Midland Terminal make their last runs to Cripple Creek. For the last 40 years I have lived a half block from track side on the Joint Line where it is possible to watch the daily parade of BNSF and UP trains.

    I am a retired Middle School teacher with degrees in History, Anthropology-Archaeology and Southwestern Studies. I have been actively involved in railroad photography and historic research for the last 40 years.

    My interest in the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad is an outgrowth of my Masters thesis concerning the origin of railroad station names in Colorado, especially those of the Santa Fe. I became interested in the Royal Gorge Route while researching material concerning the original railroad construction between Canon City and Leadville and for Doris Osterwald's book "Rails Thru The Gorge". I have walked most of the "Gorge" mapping and documenting the line, with emphasis on identifying locations that played a role in the "Royal Gorge War". My explorations were conducted with permission of the current owners.

    Photos taken in the Royal Gorge on March 12, 2007. They begin at MP 166 and run through MP 167. As you can see the sun does not get to some parts of the canyon in the winter months.

    Larry Green