Randall Hicks

Silver Pony - Home Sweet Dome

  • Our first dome car, the Silver Pony, arrived today! The Interior it's actually better than I expected. Thanks to our readers, I now know that the stairway up to the dome is at the rear of the car.

    D&RGW 1108 - "Silver Pony", coach, Amtrak 9448 (4/83-not applied), Alaska Railroad 7002 (2/84-not applied), Alaska Railroad 7033, Roaring Fork RR (10/86), DRCX 7033 (800447), Wyoming & Colorado (lease-86/87), to Canada for filming of "Narrow Margin" (6/89), stored Hudson CO, DRC Tours, Mexican American RY Nogales MX tour service in Mexico (1999). As of 2001, service terminated and car withdrawn from Mexico. Sold 5/04 in auction to Grand Canyon Railway. Car is apparently a goner. It suffered a derailment en route from the auction, was re-railed, and subsequently was crashed into somehow. Don't know what structural problems this caused, but word was they're not going to repair it. It was to be set on the ground as soon as they can arrange for a crane and used for parts. Later word was that they 'may' try to repair it. Status uncertain. Sold (along with entire railway) to Xanterra 9/06.

    From there it sat on the ground at Grand Canyon as a parts car. Evidently Nick had a good conversation with them and they decided to donate it to us.

    Hicks Car Works - Illinois Railway Museum

    Randall Hicks