Doug Schmidt

Kremmling Depot

  • I am the editor/publisher of a monthly newspaper covering all things railroad in Colorado. This includes the commercial, tourist and model railroading news in our state. Many old depots and stations are in danger of being demolished due to their age and condition after years of neglect. This was not the case for the Kremmling depot, however, as the building was exceptionally well built and then maintained as the office for the line workers from Union Pacific. The yard where the depot now sits will be paved over and a trailer (mobile office) will be brought in to replace the old depot when it gets moved.

    I fear that my newspaper will be come the "restoration journal" as I am getting buried in requests to do stories about all the restoration that is going on in Colorado. Buildings, old rolling stock and locomotives are all being redone at a fast clip. There is an old brick roundhouse in a small town in eastern Colorado that will fall down before it gets repaired, but now suddenly money has appeared to fix the walls and replace the roof, so that is another new project.

    I have no special affection for the Rio Grande.....I like all the old railroads pretty much equally. I enjoy the topics on the list serv and jump in once in a while.

    Doug Schmidt