Mel Patrick

Pride of the Rio Grande

  • Once in a while magic things happen. I really love everything D&RGW, there are so many exciting things to learn. But there is one thing that you just can't beat, to talk with a former Rio Grande employee, even if it's only via email. Thanks to the internet I was lucky to get that oportunity. I met a gentleman named Mel Patrick. He is an outstanding photographer as well so I asked him, is it possible to have your wonderful photo collection 'Pride of the Rio Grande' on my website. Thanks Mel for sharing your photos, I'm honored to have them on my site. I have never seen any better photos of the Rio Grande, enjoy.

    But first some words from Mel himself.

    My career with the DRGW started in June 1976 after being furloughed from the Rock Island Freight Sales Office located at Denver Union Station. I was 103 on a roster of 103 at the North Yard office, extra board and working data input, yard checker, and a number of other freight office/yard office clerical positions. The Rio Grande consolidated all the freight office and data input work on the railroad to a central location at the Park Central building in downtown Denver circa 1983, and in 1993 I moved into Fleet Management as a car distributor and then into the Unit Train group. In 1997/98, all of the DRGW/SP work was moved to Omaha and I declined to move with the work, instead exercising seniority back to North Yard and shortly later into the Supply Dept at Burnham, finally taking a buy-out in early 2002.

    The program was never meant to be a documentary or historical presentation so there are no captions under the photos. It was made with the intent of giving the viewer a sense of enjoyment of the train and the DRGW route. Anyone with a PC may view the program at Click on the "online share" menu, and ask to view member's id: raildudemel.

    Mel Patrick - former Rio Grande employee