Layout Room

The Ultimate Space

  • Let's face it, you will never get the ultimate space for your model railroad. I really wanted to build the whole D&RGW in HO scale. But to make that happen I need a hangar, or at least 4000 square feet. I just can't afford it, and it will probably never be finished even if I had the money. So what did I do? I hired a 1300 square feet layout room in a building close to my home. It's so close that it feels like walking down to my own basement (if I had any). I will not build the whole D&RGW, but I will still get a lot of the D&RGW feeling. More about that in the 'Trackplan' section. The first time I entered the space I was totally overvelmed by the possibilities. Here are some pictures, I hope you can feel the same excitement as I did.